Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes 6 – Release Date & More

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6: I’ll Finish This, Ultra Instinct Goes Into Operation Release Date: By Mid December Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 is out and it was so unexpected to see Goku get defeated so easily. Buy the time the Evil Saiyan plans to kill him we see two Vegeta from Time Patrol appearing & defeats him. The Prison planet is destroyed due to the furious battle between Evil Saiyan and other Vegetas. The other dimension Vegeta destroys Fu’s laboratory, which makes him angry. Looking at the last episode it becomes clear that Vegetas from other times is powerful than the one present. In the next episode, we are going to see the furious Fu fighting with other Vegeta’s. In this article, we are going to discuss our expectations on Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 & also release date for the same.


Fu is made seeing his lab destroyed & knowing Vegetas (From another time dimension) behind this makes the battle more intense. During the battle, we saw that other Vegetas are there to capture Fu. It is quite obvious that Fu is too powerful for other Vegeta & we don’t think that it will be easy for them to defeat him. Also considering the title of this chapter, “I’ll Finish This” clearly talks about an individual to take a step ahead. We are not sure if it will be Goku or Golden Cool, but it is sure that it won’t be the other Vegetas. If you are a dragon ball fan and geek lover then you should watch this movie.

Release Date:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 release date has recent;y been confirmed. According to the confirmation, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 will get its release on 22nd December 2018. As soon the episode is out, you can watch it on Hulu or Crunchyroll. Not only that, but DBZ anime is still one of the best animes in Hulu. Click here to know where to watch 

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